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Apartment Point 8

Hotel – Apartment – Bussiness Park

Apartemen point 8
Apartemen point 8

PT. Cakrawala Bumi Sejahtera (CBS) is proudly to present an exclusive residential strata living concept with Baliness style. Project  POINT 8 APARTMENT integrated into one area with  HOTEL Point 8  and COMMERCIAL  BUILDINGS.

Soft launching and ground breaking apartment Point 8 was held on October 28 2012 located at Daan Mogot Avenue street KM. 14, West Jakarta. Although it has not been built yet but some buyers are very enthusiastic with the new Tower D which  it just has been launched has sold about 80% in a very short time.  On May 2013 has launched new Tower E, so the buyer can be expected to be more comfortable to select the desired units in both between tower D and E.

Point 8 Apartment built on the land of 3 hectares with an investment of  0.5 trillion rupiah. PT. CBS obtaining an injection of funds amount to  0.3 trillion rupiah from PT. Bank Bukopin and the rest found come from  internal financing company. So 70% portion come from PT. Bukopin Bank and 30% by equity and internal.

As for the business park / commercial building will be built shop consisting of 64 units (34 units of phase 1 and 30 units for phase 2), which are sell at prices ranging from about  2 billion rupiah for type 3 floors and type 4 floor. The value of investments issued nearly reached  70 billion rupiah, with the assistance of loans Bukopin by 60% and the rest  from internal cash.

For commercial shop phase 1, has been sold out and already to handed over to the owner on December 2013 and start launch for commercial sale of phase 2.

PT . Cakrawala Bumi Sejahtera as the developer of the project Point 8 as well as the General Contractor for commercial business park, hotel and apartment Point 8 . Project Point 8 also supported by some government bank / private bank sector for the provision of credit to customers prospective buyers ( BTN and Bukopin and BII ) .

3 hectare of land is pure sertificate of PT . Cakrawala Bumi  Sejahtera and the buyer will get Sertificate pure strata title . That’s why the govern banks ( Bukopin and BTN ) gives priority investment loan to PT . CBS hope the construction of apartments Point 8 can realized immediately at the right time .

Point 8 Apartments have 2 types  :

Apartemen Point 8
Studio ( 28.5 m2 )

Prices start from 400 million rupiah or mortgage loan day  start from Rp 100,000

Apartemen Point 8
Type 2 BadRoom( 46m2 )

Prices start from 600 million rupiah or mortgage loan day  start from Rp 150,000

Apartemen Point 8
Lobby Hotel Point 8

Apartments Point 8 supported by a 4 stars Hotel Operator.

There will be  Hotel  inside Point 8 project area. And the hotel will be operated by proffesional international 4 star Hotel operator .

With the HOTEL  Point 8 involved , investment  at Apartments Point 8 will quickly increase , because Apartments Point 8 stick together with the 4 stars Hotel where the management system should be standardized International . Other factors that make an investment  increase is Point 8 apartment located on avenue street and still located at Central Business District West Jakarta . Strategic location link between Jakarta – Tangerang – Soekarno-Hatta International Airport –  Express High Way – passing by busway TransJakarta and MRT for future infrastructur.

Hotel Point 8 will be the first 4 stars Hotel in the area of  West Jakarta . As we have seen that in the area of West Jakarta , Especially  along Daan Mogot avenue street there no 4 star hotel builded before

Apartemen Point 8
salah satu keunggulan Apartemen Point 8 , dari jalanan naik 2,5 m lebih tinggi ke proyek apartemen point8

Point 8 apartment project have extraordinary advantage which is 2 meters higher than the asphalt Daan Mogot avenue street, so it is not easy to get water flood.

Apartemen Point 8
The location very strategic between the busway station Sumur Bor and Pesakih busway station and bypassed by other buses route.
jalur busway apartemen point 8
jalur busway apartemen point 8
Future MRT Jakarta, Lewati Proyek Apartemen Point 8
Future MRT Jakarta, Lewati Proyek Apartemen Point 8

High way TOLL JORR easily accessible which is only  about 15 minutes of distance.

High way Toll to the airport can be accessed by road lane Cengkareng  just about 15 minutes of distance also.

Amenities and Benefits

Apartment Point 8

Apartemen Point 8

Point 8 Group is proudly to present a conceptual project  of  exclusive residential strata living with Baliness style. Project  POINT 8 APARTMEN integrated into one area with 4 stars HOTEL  and COMMERCIAL  BUILDINGS.

Facilities POINT 8 :

Swimming Pool
Lounge , Gazebo , Apartment Lobby
Cafe / Resto
Connecting with 4 stars HOTEL facilities
Access Card for resident ( entrance and elevator  as the ID key )
24 hours security system
Car Parking is spacious with 2 ½ floors underground
Children play ground ,
Free Shultte bus from Apartment Point 8 to Soekarno Hatta International Airport
SHOP/  Business Park in Apartment area
Gym / Spa
Jogging track and Tropical garden
Meeting room

Access :
15 minutes to Soekarno Hatta International Airport

15 minutes to Haighway  TOLL connecting to Jakarta – Tangerang – Bekasi – Bogor -Bandung

Close to Central Business District  PURI/ PIK/ PLUIT/ GROGOL/ DAAN MOGOT/ TANGERANG

Close to Shopping Mall ( Daan Mogot Mall and Taman Palem Mall)

ApartemenPoint 8
Apartemen Point 8 dengan kolam renang type olympic

Others benefits :

100 meters to the busway station

Apartment with facilities HOTEL 4

Proven flood free due to higher POINT 8 2 meters from the street road .

Type STUDIO Size 28.5 m2

Type 2 Bedrooms Size 46m2

Ceiling 2.9 Meter square high

Corridor between unit width of 2 meters

Saving Energy , each unit have LED lights that last for 2-3 days if power outages.

Bonus : 1 unit Air Conditioner

Bonus : Wall paper all around unit apartment wall

Immediately have the unit , Selling Price Starting from :

STUDIO type                 : Bank Installment Rp  100,000 / day
2 Bedrooms type         : Bank Installment Rp 150,000 / day

For investors who wish to leave the unit for rent , our reliable and trustworthy agents will help to do it so.

Handover unit will be on  2015

Tower D sold 88 %
Tower E sold 40 % , immediately opened Tower B and Tower C

For more information contact : ( buy before the price goes up )

Fredy : 08129269506 / 021-93141003



Overview About PT. Cakrawala Bumi Sejahtera :

PT Cakrawala Bumi Sejahtera is a property developer with  vision of delivering quality products to the consumer properties.

Our distinctive quality properties are:

–          The concept of green living (we plant all around the project, we use wall paper inside wall unit)

–          The concept of saving energy (solar panel system lighting around the project)

–          Integrated with luxury facilities (lounge, business meeting room, sport centre, etc)

 Our other Projects located at Cengkareng, West Jakarta with 80 hectare square  wide  between year 2004 – present :

–          Apartment City Park

–          Central Business District Commercial Lot / Ruko

–          Pasadena Residence

–          Apartment City Garden

–          Royal Pasadena

–          Market Boulevard Commercial Lot / Ruko

–          Fresh Market

Future Project :

–          Luxury Apartment, Menteng, Central Jakarta

–          Luxury Condotel, Bali, Indonesia

 Point 8 Business Park

Commercial Park (Commercial Shop)

Apartemen Point 8
Apartemen Point 8, Hotel Point8 dan Ruko Niaga

PT. Cakrawala Bumi Sejahtera (CBS) is proudly to present an exclusive residential strata living concept with Baliness style. Project  POINT 8 APARTMEN integrated into one area with HOTEL  Point 8 and COMMERCIAL  BUILDINGS.

Total Units Hotel and  Apartment is approximately 1.800 units and comes with Commercial Business Shops. As well as 34 units of Phase I already build and have been hand over from developer to buyer owner (the remaining 1 unit left).

Commercial shop phase II 30 units  will be hand over about 18 month starting now (sold)

From total of 1800 units (apartments + hotel), this would be very good for investor to invest in the commercial shop sector.  Because as passive income that will continue to increase the property price over time.

 If commercial shop functioned optimally to accommodate all the needs of residents  it would be a good profit as active income for the shop owner.

Dimension of size       :           4.5 m2 x 16.5 m(74.25m2)

Floor level                   :           4 level + 1 level roof  concrete on top (totally 255 m2)

Progress                       :           90%  finish and 10% on progress finishing

Hand over                   :           about June 2014

Foundations                 :           solid piles

Walls                           :           brick lightweight plaster

wall paint                     :           Premium paint finish Mowilex equivalent (interior)

                                                Premium paint finish wheather SHIELD (exterior)

Main floor                   :           tile size 60 x x60
ceiling                          :           gypsum board order HOLO
frame                           :           Aluminum powder coating
sanitary                                    :           closet – TOTO (equivalent), washtafel – TOTO (equivalent)
Roof                            :           concrete & metal roof / spandex
floor                            :           ceramic 20 x 20
electrical                      :           Armateur Broco (equivalent)
Water your installation :           water pipe clean / dirty Wavin AW (equivalent)
Façade                         :           combination of concrete and GRC framework holo

Note: specifications are subject to change without prior notice, due to lack of stocks of goods on the market

Amenities and Benefits

Business Park (Commercial shop)

Commercial Business Park benefit compared to other Developer :


  • Build with Premium Material
  • Ceiling height more than 3,1 m
  • Project 2.5 m higher from street road
  • Each unit has a wide balcony
  • Units size larger with reasonable price than other developer offered
  • There are 4 level floors can multiple functions use (shop and show room / office / meeting room, presentation room, expo room / living room)
  • Roof  with concrete on top for additional function(laundry space, small plantting, etc)
  • Future re-seller price is definitely higher, because integrated with 4 stars Hotel
  • Its better having own property for running the business, and have it as investment then have to rent but have nothing at all.
  • 2 level underground parking system / basement and available all around RUKO
  • Double security system (entry – exit, only one gate system)
  • No hustle when loading supply and secure environment
  • Management operational monitoring by International operator hotel group.
  • Prestige location because it combine with Hotel Ramada
  • Locate at avenue street
  • Free use of the hotel facilities*
  • Flood free, because it has a big West Canal for drinese
  • Available Advertising spot (LED screen) in front of or all around the main gate, for promoting your brand store*
  • 15 minutes to Soekarno Hatta International Airport
  • 15 minutes to Haighway  TOLL connecting to Jakarta – Tangerang – Bekasi – Bogor -Bandung
  • Close to Central Business District  PURI/ PIK/ PLUIT/ GROGOL/ DAAN MOGOT/ TANGERANG
  • Close to Shopping Mall ( Daan Mogot Mall and Taman Palem Mall)
  • Bus Way and MRT
  • Free Shuttle bus to Soekarno Hatta International Airport

 Payment Method : Bank Installment 5 years to 10 years

Booking Fee                :           Rp 20.000.000,-

Down Payment                        :           30%  divided 3 times

 Bank Installment          :           Rate 10.50%  Fixed 1 year, after would be floating rate

Note: subject maybe change without prior notice, due to company and government regulation


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